J. Hubler’s Recommendations Before Purchasing Your Pool:

At J. Hubler, Inc. we take swimming pool hardscape and outdoor living projects very seriously and believe in planning at the front end. We recommend an initial conversation with us before you purchase your swimming pool or sign any agreements. Once you know the type/size/shape of the pool and your vision for the area around the swimming pool, please contact us.

The J. Hubler Process

Our process involves a site visit to take measurements, review aesthetics, desired layout, functionality, safety and space usage.

We review land elevations, current water flow, swales and easements to determine a feasible construction plan that sufficiently addresses storm water drainage and minimizes the possibility of flooding.

Then, we draft a Functional Design Document that Addresses Storm Water Flow, Elevation Differences, Slopes, Land Grading, Backfill and Sufficient Drainage Away from your home, pool and patio.

J. Hubler’s Capabilities Include:

  • Comprehensive site evaluation, feasability study and design document
  • Pool/patio township consultation
  • Grading and excavating
  • Construction of hardscaping, walkways, patios, retaining walls, surrounding pool surface areas, water structures and fountains
  • Pool area landscaping, mulching, planting, stones and filter platforms
  • Lighting and fence installation
  • Safety measures for positioning of fences and gates

Did You Know?

While it costs less to have a swimming pool and hardscaping close or even connected to your house, the chances of flooding your home or basement increases due to storm water drainage. Possible issues with the pool, liner or improper installation also increase this risk. Moving the pool and hardscaping farther from the house reduces the risk of flooding and gives greater flexibility to determine the best use of the land surrounding the pool.

To learn more about the steps to take prior to purchasing your swimming pool, contact J Hubler today at 717-367-6637 or email us at info@jhubler.com.