“This exterior was designed and built by J. Hubler in 2006 for Cutting Edge Media in Elizabethtown, PA.”

We’ll treat your commercial property as if it is truly our own. We don’t want to waste your money.

Exceeding High Expectations For Your Commercial Property

At J. Hubler, Inc. we take pride in excellent customer communication and are trusted, proactive, dedicated to perfection and specialize in all aspects of commercial property maintenance, project planning and repair coordination.

From the basics of maintaining lawns and landscaping… to more comprehensive services such as construction and excavating, drainage issues, snow removal, and unforeseen emergencies… we are “on-call” every day for you to make your life easier.

We recognize the value of time and we focus on making your commercial property more valuable, stunning for you and your customers.

J. Hubler’s Commercial Property Management provides you the ability to enjoy what you’ve created, with the peace of mind that the smallest details are addressed promptly.

Proactive commercial property management with a focus on site appeal and total satisfaction

“If it needs attention, we fix it or know the right people who can.”

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive outdoor maintenance
  • Exterior repairs and preventative upkeep
  • Mowing, turf care, landscaping and irrigation (installations/maintenance)
  • Gutter cleaning, repair and replacement coordination
  • Tree trimming/pruning
  • Construction management
  • Excavation, sinkhole repair, fish stocking in ponds, algae removal and unusual requests