The Best Hydroseeding Practices Supported by The Best Products

J. Hubler’s Hydroseeding Fundamentals and Process

HydroseedingHydroseeding is a planting process designed to replace the “pin-and-place” erosion blankets that are commonly used. It’s faster and more effective since our hydroseeding equipment essentially glues the seed to the surface instead of manually being spread and pinned down by the blanket.

At J. Hubler, we know that following proper hydroseeding practices are critical to the project’s success. We begin with soil testing that provides essential information to determine what adjustments, if any, need to be made to assure a more favorable growing environment for faster, more complete vegetative growth and sustainable establishment.

In addition, we always follow five key steps that integrate proper planning, documentation and execution to ensure success on every project.

  1. Assessing & Creating Optimal Soil Conditions
  2. Picking the Right Plant Species
  3. Selecting the Correct Erosion Control Material
  4. Ensuring Proper Installation
  5. Follow-up Inspections and Maintenance Practices

We provide hydroseeding services for contractors, land developers, excavators, local municipalities/townships, as well as residential applications.

J. Hubler Provides Hydroseeding Applications For:

  • Landfills, Public Parks and Ponds
  • Residential Homes, Athletic Fields and Golf Courses
  • Excavation Projects and, Roadside Work Slopes
  • Pipeline Restorations
  • General Landscaping
  • Post-Fire Reclamations
  • Drilling pads

Hydroseeding Products

J. Hubler Trusts ProGanics™ Biotic Soil Media™ and Flexterra® High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium™


An Engineered Soil Media™ (ESM™) is a growing product designed to help soils reach their fullest potential for vegetative establishment and more effective, long-term erosion control. Introduced in 2015, ProGanics™ Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM™) quickly became J. Hubler’s choice for ESM™.


ProGanics™ Biotic Soil Media™ is designed as a topsoil alternative that accelerates the development of depleted soils and substrates with low organic matter, low nutrient levels and limited biological activity. It provides an abundant source of organic matter and soil building components to quickly modify soil chemistry, initiate vegetation growth and buildup soil horizons.

Also, it serves as an ideal alternative to trucking topsoil to sites, or where site access is very limited.

From the same company, Flexterra® High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium™ is a companion product for additional long-term protection in arid climates, with faster vegetative establishment and superior erosion control. It is proven to be completely environmentally friendly.

Hydroseeding Example

Site Prep

Slurry Applied Same Day

12 Days Later