For over two decades, J. Hubler, Inc. has provided commercial lighting design layouts, lighting displays and complete installation for companies and organizations throughout Central Pennsylvania.

We focus on providing environmentally responsible and energy efficient technology that offers high quality performance and enhances your corporate image and provides security during night time hours, when your employees are on site or your business is closed.

Exterior Commercial Lighting from J. Hubler, Inc. provides three main advantages:

  1. Energy Efficiency and Protection for Your Commercial Property – Commercial lighting from J. Hubler, Inc., offers companies low voltage lighting options and lighting automation that maintains costs, as well as providing enhanced security for your employees who utilize the building during nighttime hours, and helps significantly reduce the chance of vandalism and burglary incidents.
  2. Security and Safety – Commercial Property and Landscape Lighting provides nighttime visibility around your property and assists visitors and employees visibility in parking lots; easier navigation on steps, walkways and entrances and the ability to identify obstructions which could otherwise lead to workplace accidents.
  3. Visual and Aesthetic Impact – Commercial Property Lighting enhances the look and functionality of your commercial property and can provide a unique and stunning nighttime presentation the builds recognition and a more positive perception of your business.

The J. Hubler Commercial Lighting Difference:

  • Hundreds of lighting designs and installations completed
  • Layout and design ideas provided including photos, sketches and live test display set-ups
  • Outdoor lighting for corporate buildings, parking lots, walkways, landscape areas, trees, common areas, main and side entrances, loading docks
  • Wide selection of fixture styles, lamps, beam spreads, sensors and security features for numerous applications
  • Installing FX Luminaire® LED Lighting Products (architectural grade with 10-year warranties)
  • Environmentally Friendly, Energy Efficient and Budget Conscious Solutions
  • Commercial automation programming including timer controls, security features, motion sensors, as well as smartphone and remote Wi-Fi access

Commercial Lighting Features and Applications

  • Project Management, Design and Layout
  • Landscape Lighting Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  • Demonstration of Sample Lighting Components for Displays
  • LED Accent Lighting, Low Voltage Lighting and Energy-Efficient Lighting Options
  • Remote Controlled (Smartphone) and On-Site Lighting Controls, Sensors and Automation
  • Spot and Flood Lighting that help reduce on-site accidents and the risk of vandalism and robbery