“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” — Aristotle

A beautiful, healthy lawn. It’s what you want.

But what is a beautiful, healthy lawn?

It’s a lawn with minimal weeds, has consistent green color throughout the growing season, can better handle the stress of the summer months, and emerges from winter and summer dormancy periods quicker and healthier.

How do we produce that for you?

  • By utilizing sound agronomic practices and quality products to produce the superior results we both want to see.
  • By constantly looking for products that provide outstanding value and results.
  • By utilizing organic fertilizers in the spring and early fall.
  • By incorporating Bio-Plex organic soil amendment into our Ultra-Premium Program.
Girl with dog on a lawn
100% Organic Fertilizers are used by J Hubler

How your lawn benefits from organic fertilizer

At J Hubler Landscaping, we want to be on the leading edge of the landscape and lawn care industry. Organic lawn care treatment has gained popularity – not only because it is ‘eco-friendly’ – but also because of the inherent benefits, that include:

  • Safe for People and Pets – Organic treatment does not produce any harmful side effects on humans or pets who use the lawn.
  • Organic fertilizers are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly – Organic fertilizers are derived from natural sources and are filled with micro-nutrients and microorganisms. They release the necessary amount of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous to maintain healthy turf. In addition to releasing nutrients, as the organic fertilizers break down, they improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to hold water and nutrients. And over time, organic fertilizers will make your soil and plants – healthy and strong.
  • Improved Root Growth – Because organic lawn care treatments release nutrients more slowly than synthetic fertilizers, the grass roots absorb them at a slower, more natural rate. This results in the roots growing better and stronger. Also, the roots become more fibrous in nature with the result of better-looking turf. This allows the grass to grow more naturally and becomes more resilient. A deep, healthy root system makes your lawn hardier when a drought year or an unusual pest infestation affects the local climate. A healthy root system also helps a lawn to bounce back faster after it takes a hit.
  • Improved Soil Health – Organic care will allow the soil retain the moisture longer, aerate the soil better, improve the texture of the soil, and increase microbial activity. The soil gets more porous, crumbly and loose. Microorganisms are required to break down and release nutrients into the soil, and they obtain energy from decaying plant and animal matter, so an application of organic fertilizer provides a complete package of nutrients for your soil.

At J Hubler, we believe that not only is organic lawn care treatment a better way of making grass healthy, but it also increases the vitality of soil. This helps grass strengthen its inherent defense function, making it less vulnerable to pests and diseases.

How do we stand above the competition?

  • By partnering with our customers. When you contact us, we respond. And when you need us, we’ll be there.
  • By saying what we are going to do and doing it.
  • By providing peace of mind. If we made a mistake, we will fix it.
  • By providing two superior programs, utilizing quality products, to choose from.

What makes our programs superior?

  • By focusing on the long-term health of your lawn.
  • By using organic fertilizers, they feed the soil which helps microbes thrive, improve the soil texture, increase the bacterial and fungal activity in the soil, and helps protect the environment.
  • By using Bio-Plex Seaweed Extract soil amendment to improve the soil biology and plant availability to trace nutrients. It also enhances the active Fungal and Bacterial Biomass in the soil.

How can we succeed together?

  • By understanding some issues are out of our control, but within your control. See below on how we can work as partners to keep your turf in the best condition possible throughout the growing season.
  • By understanding that some issues neither of us can control, such as the weather. But you can take comfort that your lawn has been prepared for those times. Much like a parent cannot catch their child every time she stumbles, if she has been prepared for it, she will bounce right back and be stronger from the stumble.
  • For new customers, by giving us two (2) years to improve your lawn. While we are sure you will see results by the end of the first year, it truly takes two seasons to see the maximum benefits from our programs.

How do we work as partners?

  • During the hottest and driest time of the year, please raise your mowing height. Having the grass slightly taller in the summer will help it withstand the heat and drought stress of summer.
  • During prolonged dry periods, irrigate your lawn. Without an irrigation system, you may want to only focus on specific areas. These are areas that are the hottest and direst parts of your lawn. Here’s a link to a very simple timer that can be hooked to your hose spigot to make watering of these areas easier: Orbit Programmable Timer. Or, if you are interested, we can provide a quote to install an irrigation system in your yard. Please do not hesitate to ask for any assistance regarding watering specific areas or with setting up a temporary irrigation system.
  • Understand the limitations of shady areas. Even with a shady grass seed mix, grass will need a minimum of 4-6 hours of dappled sunlight per day. If the shady area is under a tree, the lower branches may be able to be pruned or the canopy of the tree may be able to be thinned to allow more sunlight through. Or if the tree cannot be pruned or the shady area is produced by a structure, something other than grass may need to be planted in that area. We can, gladly, assist with assessing your site and landscape and make any recommendations needed to improve the overall health and vigor of your lawn and landscape.

What additional services do we recommend?

  • Aeration – We recommend aerating your lawn annually to alleviate compaction and improve the health of your lawn. The best time to aerate your lawn in is in the fall. Aeration helps improve your turf in many ways. First, it reduces compaction. Compacted soil prevents grass from establishing a healthy root system, and keeps air, water and fertilizer from reaching the roots. Secondly, aeration enables air, water and nutrients to get past the thatch in your lawn and down into the rootzone where they are needed.
  • Over-seeding – We recommend over-seeding your lawn in the fall. There are two major benefits to over-seeding. First, you ensure your lawn stays thick and dense. Secondly, the new varieties of seed you sow this year will have better disease and drought resistance than those varieties already in your lawn. Over-seeding also makes it much harder for weeds to become established and compensates for the natural slowdown of the turf’s reproduction over time or during droughts. The seed will be incorporated via a slice-seeder, which produces the seed to soil contact that seed needs to germinate. Also, fall is the best time to sow seed as the grass will not have to compete with aggressive weeds, and the warm days and cool nights help the grass to germinate quickly. For sunny sites, we utilize a Turf Type Tall Fescue blend which has excellent heat and drought resistance, and for shady areas, we seed with a mixture that is better suited to survive with less sunlight.