Expert Pond & Lake Construction/Excavation

We have the people and experience to get your pond or small lake done right.  It’s not our first rodeo. We have built and repaired many large ponds and there is much to consider when laying out and designing your project.


  • Overall size
  • Efficient location
  • Water source
  • Proper soils and materials
  • Correctly sized overflow pipes and spillways
  • Lined with HDPE plastic or clay
  • Properly sealing around riser pipes and headwalls
  • Creating a proper drowning prevention shelf around the perimeter
  • Planning docks, gazebos and wharfs and their foundations
  • Planning for aeration for fish
  • Adding fish and proper fish species
  • Creating fish habitat
  • Adding pond plants
  • Installing and planning for fountains including electrical loads and controls as well as  anchoring systems.
  • Creating proper site work to prevent sediment from entering pond
  • Making provisions for turf and agricultural irrigation systems and fire dept hookups to utilize the water source for crops and emergencies.


Let’s make your dream a reality.  Give us a call to discuss your project.


Pictured: Prepping pond.

Pictured: Prepping pond.