Turf Care Technician

Job Description:

Responsible for maintaining healthy turf and plants for our customers by applying fertilizer, weed control and other products as necessary. Must be comfortable operating our Z-Spray machine. In addition, the turf tech is a valued member of our team and will assist in other areas such as mulching, pruning and planting to ensure the continued success of our company.

Physical Abilities:

  • Ability to lift 75lbs
  • Ability to bend over and kneel for extended periods of time
  • Working outdoors in various weather conditions from extreme heat to cold, rainy and/ or snow conditions
  • Comfortable using Z-Spray machine to apply fertilization apps

Required Skills/Attributes:

  • Excellent grasp of fertilizer and pesticide applications
  • Outstanding knowledge of lawn care equipment operations and safety equipment
  • Keep accurate product usage records as well as time records.

Performance Criteria:

  • Assist in other areas such as landscape maintenance, snow removal, etc. to ensure the continued success of our company
  • Can be counted on to be at work on time every day
  • Consistently adheres to company safety rules and procedures to avoid injuries and other incidents
  • Incumbent will be assessed by scorecard provided by turf care supervisor

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